Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information:

Please TEXT 740-688-3909

The easiest way to contact us is the Leo Jude Soap Co. Facebook or IG messenger.

If you send an email it might be awhile before you get a reply. I apologize in advance.


Store Policies:

  • What is your refund/return policy?

We do not accept refunds or returns under any acceptation- neither online or in store.

  • What if my order comes damaged or I don't receive it?

If your order comes damaged please contact us immediately to resolve the issue. If the damage was our fault we will send you a new order. If the damage was due to the mail carrier then you will have to file a claim with them. If your order was not received please contact the mail carrier. You can always contact us via Facebook messenger, Instagram, or email to see if the order was sent back due to a wrong address. Any packages that come back we automatically contact the owner of the package to try to resolve the issue.

  • When can I pick up my order? 

Orders are ready to pick up within 24 hours, but usually less.

Please pick up at:

38 Orchard Ln

Jackson, Ohio 45640

Please pick up your order within 3 days of confirmation.

It is NOT our responsibility to remind you to pick up your order. If you can't remember to pick it up in a timely manner please choose a better option for you - we offer shipping and local delivery. :)

Product Questions:

  • Where do you get your breast milk for your soap?

Most of our breast milk comes directly from local donors.

  • Do you buy breast milk?


  • Does the mama who donated receive anything in return?

Yes, the mama will receive breast milk soap made from her very own milk. We give one bar per batch of soap made.

  • Who is eligible to donate?

Any donor mama who meets the qualifications--

Must be healthy, eat a good diet, live healthy life-style, non-smoker, no underlying illnesses, did not take medications during time of pumping (over the counter medicine not included), and has over 100 oz minimum to donate.

  • Do you accept out-of-town donations?

If you meet the the requirements above-- yes, but you would be responsible for cost of shipping.

  • Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Custom orders require 18 ounces of frozen milk.

Each loaf makes 9 - 7 ounce high-top bars. (High tops have the soap icing top)


Shipping Instructions: 

(For local orders only do steps 1 - 3 and contact me via phone or text to arrange)

We ask that you ship your milk to us on a MONDAY!! This is to ensure milk isn’t sitting in the mail over the weekend. We need your breast milk to preferably stay frozen but at least stay cold upon us receiving. We will not use breast milk that gets hot and rancid so it is important that you package your milk properly. 

1. You will take 18 ounces of breast milk bags and put them in a larger zip lock bag. 

2.  Place that bag in a freezer gallon ziplock bag.

3. Then place that bag in a second ziplock gallon freezer bag. Write on outside of the bag in PERMANENT MARKER your—

• Name 

• Order Number  

• Phone Number (will text you in the case we need to contact you for any reason regarding your soap) 

• Scent of Soap you ordered (Unscented + Oats/ Lavender/Tea Tree/Etc) 

• Your babies name or nickname (for labels)

  * 1 to 2 names ONLY. If you want more than that please choose an alternative, “Smith Sisters” “Dodson Babies” Etc. 

If you have lose a baby we can also made the labels a special memorial label that says “Remembering *Babies Name*” ❤️

If you were a surrogate or had any other situation when you would an alternate label please feel free to give us something special to you to write. Must be less than 3 words.

4. Then place that bag in cooler bag. The insulated soft lunch boxes seem to work the best. (The ones you see kids take to school)

5. Add multiple ice packs to that bag to keep it cool.

6.  Place cooler bag into a box. If you use a priority mail box from USPS they have flat rate boxes.

Money Saving Tip: The smaller the box you use, the cheaper shipping will be. Try to make your box the smallest size possible.

• Do NOT use dry ice, as it usually melts within one day and then leaves your milk unprotected the rest of the trip. We’ve found the soft cooler lunch boxes with ice packs work best over extended periods of time and are much cheaper.


Shipping Address:

Leo Jude Soap Co

38 Orchard Ln.

Jackson, Ohio 45640